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The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier is a Drum’n Bass and Jungle album from Christophe Jourdan. The third track gave it’s name to the album, The Final Frontier, and is referring to captain Picard from Star Trek which is sampled into this track.

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The Boom Box

The Boom Box is a web audio and visual experiment. It let you trigger sounds and animations with your keyboard. It works really well with a video projector… Watch this teasing video (all the sounds are made with the Boom Box) or make noise now!

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Who we are

Who we are

We’ve had the idea of creating an electronic music label for quite some time. One day, on the 28th of August, on the plane going to Rome the name of our label just appeared : 28th Records. Every story comes from simple things. That’s where our story begins.
The basic idea came from Christophe Jourdan. Originally a DJ and composer, he had already proved his value on stage and wanted to break through the other side.
With him on this adventure, Paola Varutti, using her experience in events communication and as a photographer helps him in all the artistic and marketing decisions.
Rocked by the Rock’n Roll and deeply geeks, the musical orientation of our label was pretty clear. « Our label has character and creativity, we like what makes us shake until early dawn, in a few words : get high ! »